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From: David Caudillo <caudillo at siliconlight.com>
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Subject: EZMLM - Warnings


Recently I've begun to receive these EZMLM - Warnings. It's not clear to me
what has changed. My email address is the same as it has been and I continue
to receive other emails from Labmembers. I do know that the IT group has
made upgrades to our company system from time to time but I did'nt think
this would be the cause. I'm attaching some of them for you to look over.
PLease let me know if it can be fixed. I would like not to be decomissioned
off any of the equipment.

David Caudillo
Process Engineer
Non-Linear Optics
Silicon Light Machines
voicemail: 408 - 541-4954
cell: 408 - 593-4579
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