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Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Aug 11 14:54:31 PDT 2003

Hi guys...

A fellow is asking about getting his files of the AFM2 computer...  This
is an NT system.  I could plop my Zip drive on the printer port, but
can't run it without loading the zip program -- which we can't do
because we don't have the administrative password for this system.
Would you fellows happen to know the password?

Barring that, are there other options for saving large image files off
this system?  It's got USB ports, but it is, as I said, running NT.
There's a network cable there, but it doesn't look like it's

I will look into seeing if we can upgrade the system without affecting
the AFM operation.  But even if it's feasible, we should still like to
back everything up before doing anything to it, so that brings us back
to how we can store large files from this system...

Have any of you worked on this system and if so, do you have any advice
or background to offer?



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