Maurice and Netscape (bad combo)

John Shott shott at
Thu Aug 21 14:47:45 PDT 2003


Yesterday, I got verynice installed on sunstar ... I didn't start it but it is 
nearly ready to go.

Secondly, since the taskbar in Solaris 8 has a link to netscape, I would argue 
that we no longer need to start one for them ...  While this will not 
eliminate the netscape problem, it will mean that only those people who 
actually need netscape will start it ...
I've made a change to the file that controls this:
and removed the line: netscape -iconic&

Now it is a matter, I think of writing a script that basically does:

for USER in (list of all user names in /home/User)
	cp /etc/skel/.dt/sessions/sessionet /home/User/$USER/.dt/sessions/sessionetc
	chown $USER:users /home/User/$USER/.dt/sessions/sessionetc

Well, that's not exactly correct, but you get the idea ...

Finally, we need to look around for a more reasonable browser .... I'm now 
using mozilla on my NT and don't have nearly the number of problems that I did 
  with netscape.  I fear, however, when I looked into getting mozilla on a 
Solaris that there was something about the glibc libraries that needed to be 
compiled with the Solaris compiler instead of this gcc (at least that's what I 
recall) that sort of stopped me in my tracks on that project ...



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