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Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed Jan 22 11:37:32 PST 2003


This machine is remarkable.  Given it's workload and manufacturer specs,
it has exceeded my expecations.  It should have been replaced long ago.
The answer: buy a new one.


On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Mary Tang wrote:

> Hello --
> There seems to be a problem with the laser writer -- it's not the
> typical mechanical problem of paper feed (that's fine.)  It frequently
> gets a series of error messages with odd numbers -- and locks up.
> People have just been turning the machine off and on to get it going
> again.  It kills the current job, but is usually good for a few more
> before locking up again.  There's some anecdotal evidence that it
> happens to certain people and not to others...
> Any ideas?  I don't know how to determine if this is a server or printer
> problem....
> Mary
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