crystal and lattice

Bill Murray bmurray at
Thu Jul 10 00:08:20 PDT 2003

Interested Lab Staff,

Ted left me a message today indicating that although crystal was up,
he was unable to get access to the TYCOM.  There were a number of
problems including two full disks on crystal, two full partitions on
lattice, corrupt file systems on lattice, and physical faults on the
disk drive on lattice.  With some work, I was able to repair all the 
problems except the disk fault on lattice.  However, I believe that 
lattice can be used for everything we need: TYCOM functions and furnace

Since I had to spend some quality time with lattice in the computer
room, I did a little sleuthing.   Lattice is a MicroVAX 3600 which was
first introduced by DEC in September of 1987 (16 years ago).  The
current lattice hardware was installed at CIS on June 2, 1988 (over 
15 years ago) and has been running continuously since that time.  
Lattice has a CVAX microprocessor (90ns) and 32 MB of ECC main memory.
Lattice is running a version of the ULTRIX operating system released
in early 1990 (13 years ago).  This is amazing!  We can probably start
charging admission to see this antique still in operation.

Here's my point: we cannot rely upon this machine any longer!  We must 
make other arrangements to handle these TYCOM and furnace functions.  
Next time it fails, we'll need to power it down and haul it to the dump.



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