Trouble with logins on shades... SYSADMIN response requested

James Conway jwc at
Mon Jul 28 11:12:29 PDT 2003

Greetings All,

We are still encountering difficulties with user logins and processes on

After your recent repairs I have attempted to add several users onto
shades and have run into problems:

users added:

cshen  chongfei shen
sumita Sumita Pennathur

These logins start but hang up after launching the CDE environment.
After a few minutes your get the normal screen view -- but immediately a
pink pop up box launches that has no dialog in the box and if the [OK]
button is functional it clears the box and triggers what may be a core
dump and recovery.


1. Could you please take a look at the setup of shades and see what
might be causing these problems.  I have a wait list of people to add to
shades and many other current users cannot get their work done on the
system these last two weeks.

 2. Could you please see if you can locate account user:  sumita   I had
expected this to be added to home2 (explicitly /export/home2 ) but
cannot locate her files there!

3. Please let me know when we can resume operations as normal and begin
to migrate new users on to shades again.

Many Thanks,

James Conway

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