Can't see computers near me

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Fri May 30 09:32:30 PDT 2003

John and Ted,

The microsoft browser stuff is kind of odd.  Keep in mind it is
essentially the attempt to keep server kind of network information
(where different machines are, who's in what workgroup etc.) in an
environment without a server. And also to do this without adding tons of
traffic to the network. This means that browser information may live on
any machine in the group and gets updated irregularly. So imagine
someone who's machine is acting as the master browser turns it off - now
for some period of time until a new master browser is promoted, you may
loose network information. Also when you add a machine to the network it
may take quite a while until it shows up in the "neighborhood". My guess
is that this gets better in later versions of the OS. Here's a link that
talks about it on windows 2000.


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I need a little more information ... what is your machine's name?  Which
machines can't you see?  Is this when you look at "Network Neighborhood"
your PC? Or are you looking somewhere else?  



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