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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:46:06 -0800
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Subject: One last situation...


I had a New User, Qin Chen (qchen) that took the Safety Training class in
July and he is just now trying to use coral for the first time and is having
problems.  When he inputs his login in name the next screen will say Welcome
qchen and it asks for his password however, instead of saying Common Desk
Environment (CDE) this screen has GNOME 2.0 Desk.  I then tried another New
User's login and password and the password screen said Common Desk

Could this be the problem?  Could he be in the wrong screen? If so, how can
that be corrected?

Please let me know if you can look into this problem for me.

Thank you again for your time.


Maureen Baran
Lab Services Administrator
Nanofabrication Facility
fax 650-725-6278
mbaran at

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