Communication of STS tool through the internet (fwd)

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Wed Oct 1 13:14:00 PDT 2003


The STSS can be added to the network by getting an IP address from Jason
and then letting us know which port you want it plugged into. Bill or I
can jumper that port to the switch. We actually do not block any ports
on the switch that handles "outside" traffic.  So you should be good to
go, unless Stanford networking or Jason block the ports you need.

It sounds like they use a VPN which should be no problem. I'd say plug
it in and see if it works. If there is a problem they would need to talk
to ITSS at 5-help or Jason about specific issues. Keep in mind that
machines here are not behind a firewall and are subject to attack.



 As for securing the 

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Subject: Communication of STS tool through the internet (fwd)


I got this from STS concerning the new etcher. What do you recommend?

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Internet access to the tools in the field will provide a valuable
diagnostic link for assisting the
commissioning and acceptance of the new Pro Platform tools.  If possible
would like the Internet access for the Stanford Tool.
Making the STS tools accessible over the Internet will require the
acceptance and assistance of the IT department at Stanford.
Simply connecting the Tool to a network port will not be sufficient.
Compatibility with network routers and firewalls will need to be
and their configurations modified.  I would expect Stanford's IT
department would want to run some tests to ensure the STS remote link
not interfere with other Virtual Private Network links that may already
exist on their network infrastructure.  At STS we did similar tests to
ensure that STS tools could connect back to a server in the UK without
interfering with the network links to the Germany and US offices.

A modem connection could be used if the customer is not too happy
the STS tool on the internet.  We would prefer an Internet connection as
modem might be too slow.  Other possibilities also exist and we could
discuss them if needed with the customer's IT department.

Jim, all this being said can we initate a dialog with Stanford's IT
Let me know and if possible pass on contact details for the appropriate


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