DNS server IP address?

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Oct 15 18:43:43 PDT 2003


Did something change on our ISDN or TCP/IP protocols?
Since Monday I have been unable to access outside the snf.stanford.edu
domain using Netscape.  IEXPLORER also is now not functioning for the
same reasons.

Did we change the DNS server or the gateway out of SNF?  WE are not
using a proxy server correct?

Can you please reply with the DNS or NIS server IP address(es) and
information on how to reset up my Netscape to get outside of the
firewall.  Even host on stanford.edu cannot be resolved.

The favor of a reply from a human is requested.

Thank you,

James Conway
CIS 31
jwc at snf.stanford.edu

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