Spam Checking for All!

Bill Murray bmurray at
Wed Oct 22 14:14:15 PDT 2003

>4. Spam Checking Relocates
>On Thursday, October 23rd, ITSS will move the anti-spam checking from
>the mailbox server level to the Leland email Gateway level.
>The PureMessage anti-spam product has been running on the Leland
>mailboxes (not on the Gateways) since October, 2002 and has proven to
>be quite effective. It was welcomed by the majority of the Stanford
>community and many people sent positive comments. However, our current
>implementation only provides spam-checking for people who use the
>Leland email servers.
>Based on feedback from the Stanford user communities, ITSS has decided
>to move the anti-spam product from the individual Leland mail-server
>level to the Leland Gateways level. This will provide the entire
>Stanford community with protection for spam and virus checking.
>With this change, not only will email to addresses have
>virus checking, but all email will also be scanned and tagged if a
>message is identified as spam at the gateway. This change has no
>impact on people already using Leland mailboxes for email, but it
>extends spam tagging for people who have forwarding addresses for
>their account.
>For example, if a user currently in a department has set-up their
>user at address to forward email to their department mail
>server, this email is checked for viruses, but not for spam. After the
>change, this email will be checked for both spam and viruses.
>Note: spam checking does not delete any mail. It adds the word "SPAM"
>to the subject line and delivers it to the user's mail box. Individual
>users then determine how they wish to manage this kind of mail. They
>can also opt-out of spam checking. Details are available at:
>If you run a departmental server that also does spam checking, you may
>need to change its rules so a message will not be tagged twice.
>Thank you for your assistance as we continue our efforts to improve
>University mail services.
>- Xueshan Feng
>    Technology Strategy & Support

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