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Bill Murray bmurray at
Fri Sep 5 11:08:07 PDT 2003


In every case that I have helped Mahnaz with a mail problem, it has been
a Mahnaz problem.  My professional advice is to get her off the PC and give
her a Sunray so that everything is maintained on the server where she can't
damage it.


On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, Mary Tang wrote:

> Hi all --
> I know you've been tearing your hair out over this one -- but what's the
> story with Mahnaz's email?  She (and others) have complained that some
> emails seem to take many days to get to her.  I don't think it's her PC
> (though wouldn't rule it out) because we wiped it before reloaded her
> files in a separate partition from the program files.  She says that you
> fellows looked into it a little while ago and did, indeed, conclude that
> there was something strange about her SNF account -- not that I know
> anything about email servers and would get lost in the technical detail,
> but could you give me an idea of what the problem is?
> I know she's got a lot of stuff on her SNF account -- would it help
> matters if she stored this all locally and kept only her Inbox on SNF?
> I'm sorry to pester you about this -- but, as we rely on emails so much
> nowadays for communicating, Mahnaz's apparent inability to receive or
> send out emails in a timely manner is significantly affecting our
> ability as a group to stay on top of things...
> Thanks,
> Mary
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