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Mary Tang mtang at
Fri Sep 5 12:52:21 PDT 2003

Hi John et al --

I think you're right -- it's a sorting problem, as we found the missing messages.
I think her box is too full and she can't find them.  So, I've asked her to limit
the InBox to 25 messages (I've told her the email system gets confused...  Hey, if
it works...)



On a different note...  Would it be possible to hook up the CAD room PC's to the
network?  I know there were problems with unauthorized activity before -- but
we've eliminated web browsers and limited privileges...  There was talk about
making it a "Stanford-only" connection -- would this be possible?  It's just that
it would be useful for uploading EBeam and maybe even Raith design files (or is
there another simple way to get a PC to talk to a SUN workstation?)

John Shott wrote:

> Mary:
> It's most useful if Mahnaz or anyone else can point to a specific message that
> they think took days to receive ... by checking timestamps and mailer logs, we
> can do a reasonable job of tracking the time history of a specific message.
> Particularly if it is a message that was sent to mutiple people where some
> received it and others didn't.
> However, because all of our outbound mail now goes through the university mail
> system for virus checking (I think ....) we don't have quite as complete an
> audit trail as when snf handled all of our mailing chores.
> Thanks,
> John

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