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Dick Crane rcrane at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 7 15:49:32 PDT 2004

Bernard Hao-Chih Liu wrote:

>  Hello,I have not used snf clean room for years, but I am still
> getting emails.If there a way to remove me?Thank you!
> Bernard Liu, Ph.D.
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>      From: Dick Crane [mailto:rcrane at snf.stanford.edu]
>      Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 3:02 PM
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>      Subject: diff and litho shutdown
>      Labmembers,
>      There will be a major shutdown of the diffusion and litho
>      areas on Saturday, April 17, from 0600 through 1800, for
>      facilities and outside contractors to replace or repair vent
>      fans and shutters.
>      Diffusion and associated area: All toxic and flammable
>      (except H2) gases will be turned off during a repair to the
>      toxic gas bunker fan in CISX115. This action affects the
>      following tools: Tylanbpsg, Tylannitride, Tylanpoly,
>      Tylansige, Tystar1, ASM epi reactor, STS dep,  and AG4108.
>      This repair was attempted during the holiday shutdown, but
>      an incorrectly sized custom part delayed the work.
>      Litho: The solvent vent fan for litho is being repaired. All
>      solvent vented tools must be shutdown. This action affects:
>      Headway2, Laurel, svgcoat, svgcoat2, svgdev, svgdev2, bluem,
>      litho solvent bench, and yes. This repair addresses a
>      recently discovered, pending failure.
>      I have reserved the affected tools in my name. I will send
>      out and post an announcement when the work is complete and
>      these areas are ready for use.
>      Sorry for the inconvenience,
>      Dick
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