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Thu Apr 29 07:01:07 PDT 2004

Wups!  I did not know.  I will check with Gladys.  As I mentioned to John,
everyone's machines were set up to do automatic updates both on Microsoft
and on Symantec, but I did not realize that automatic updates set up in the
administrator session do not carry over to user sessions if users do not
have administrative privileges.  Thus, this rash of blackholing because of
no updates...  I think I will just simply give everyone administrative
privileges on their user accounts -- not sure what else to do at this point.

By the way, several people are complaining about unusually slow computer
response (including me) but virus scans and updates are fine.  I've been
told by several people (including the Dell technician) that this may be due
to resident spy programs and that we may want to install a spyware program
to scan and remove these.  Any opinions on this?


Bill Murray wrote:

> Mary,
> Nancy's machine was blackholed by ITSS today.  I patched her machine and
> got her back on the netork.  It now appears that Gladys's machine may
> be blackholed.  Could you get someone on your staff to take a look at
> her machine?  I've promised John that I will finish up the reservation
> policy work by his return on Sunday so I don't have any time this week.
> (I'll be lucky to finish even working round the clock.  Sorry!)
> Thanks,
> Bill
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> Hi Bill.
> I  can not  get to an outside website.... can you help me please....
> Thanks,
> Gladys
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