Nancy's PC Hacked

Mary Tang mtang at
Thu Mar 18 06:47:15 PST 2004

@$%#$, Henry should have known better than that!  I'm so sorry, I'd no
idea he was doing this and will check on other PC's that he's worked on.
We do have checksheets for each Process person's PC, which lists all the
software and versions, and hardware drivers used.  I believe we (that is,
Henry's file cabinet) still has the Win2K that Mike lent to us, and will
check with Nancy.


Bill Murray wrote:

> John and Mary,
> Henry left the Administrator password on Nancy Latta's machine set to
> "12345".  The machine has been hacked and must be wiped clean with the
> OS and all software reinstalled.  When Nancy locates the Windows CDs,
> I will work on fixing her machine as my schedule permits.
> Thanks,
> Bill

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