Jeannie's PC

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon May 3 07:09:10 PDT 2004

Hi Bill --

Shoot!  I did make sure she had updates Friday afternoon and was rather
hoping the network would find her and put her back on....  Darn.  I will
check with Jason to see what he says and will check her network card too...
If necessary, will do the wipe and reload...


Bill Murray wrote:

> Mary,
> Jeannie asked me to look at her machine because she does not have network
> access.  I took a quick look today for anything obvious.  Her machine
> appears to have the NIC configured properly.  Her machine is not on the
> list of machines blackholed by ITSS.  So I'm assuming that she has been
> hacked and that Jason has removed her from the network.  I can't spend
> any more time on this now.  Could you have someone on your staff take
> a look?
> Thanks,
> Bill

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