steps before e-beam training?

James Conway jwc at
Fri Dec 2 10:18:40 PST 2005

I am not the person to speak with regarding SSH and access to our 
computers from outside.  You should be able to logon to Shades and 
perform simply FTP functions from outside. If others users from NASA are 
having network or firewall problems on your side I can do anything about 

Here is one link to a [Stanford SSH FTP client] 

I have CC'd computer at and possibly they can assist you.

Good Luck, let me know how you make out on this issue next week.

all the best,


Alan Chin wrote:

> Hi James,
> I've tried a few different SSH FTP client software packages (such as 
> WinSCP3 and F-Secure), but for some reason I am not able to 
> successfully make a connection.  Is Stanford's firewall somehow not 
> allowing data from NASA?  People here, including me, have had problems 
> with remote Coral access as well, and that apparently is due to 
> firewall issues.
> Please let me know if you have any suggestions.
> Thanks.
> Alan
> At 10:59 AM 12/1/2005, you wrote:
>> From: James Conway <jwc at>
>> To: Alan Chin <achin at>
>> Subject: Re: steps before e-beam training?
>> I think you might be successful if you employ SSH FTP client.  You 
>> must use SSH to get through the SNF firewall.
>> Hope this works for you!
>> James Conway
>> SNF
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