[POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] Interview with Robert Dean

James Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 17 12:53:09 PST 2005


You likely have a virus in your email attachment resume2.doc.zm9 file 
and your system may have been compromised.
I have been seeing a lot of this problem with attachments on the network 
this week.

Please update your virus definitions and run spy sweeper.
I would recommend you go to the stanford essential system software and 
download and install all the appropriate spy ware and antivirus software 
they recommend.

Could you please printout the resume for me and drop it off to me when 
you can.

Thank you,

James Conway

Janine Hannibal wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>As per Paul's message, I will be setting up an interview with Robert Dean.
>Will you let me know several available days/times so I can have him come in
>to see as many of you as possible in one visit?
>Thanks so much for your assistance.
>Janine Hannibal . Stanford University . 330 Serra Mall . Room CISX204 .
>Stanford, CA . 94305-4075 . ph:650-724-0068 . janineh at stanford.edu
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>Robert Dean
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>Hi Janine,
>Can you setup an interview with (Mary/John/Mahnaz/James Conway/Ed) with 
>Robert Dean?
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>>Subject: [POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] process and ebeam guy
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>>Hi Paul,
>>I got an email from Bob Sills about a job possibilty in your group at 
>>Stanford. The job, as it is described, is to interface with vendors, do 
>>processing and exposures. This sounds like a good fit to me as I have been 
>>doing resist development, process development and e-beam evaluation on all 
>>MEBES tools for 20 years at Etec. As of the end of March I will not be at 
>>Applied/Etec and will be looking for a job. I've taken the liberty of 
>>attaching a resume.  I do need a couple of things. First, the job must be 
>>full time and second I have a minimum salary requirement that must be met. 
>>If you are interested or want to talk about it give me a call.
>>Robert Dean
>>(510) 552-0443
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