shelf prospectus

Stephanie Rios gdweut at
Wed Jun 7 12:15:23 PDT 2006

Trading alert!
Sick of hedge funds and flippers getting all the great new issues?

Trade Date : Monday, June 7th, 2006
Name : AbsoluteSKY, Inc.
Stock :  A B S Y 
Opening Price : $0.95
12-Day Target : $1
Rating : 100-300%

Here at World Stock Report we work on what we here from the street.
Rumor's circulating and keeping the focus on the company's news.
There is a massive promotion underway this weekend apprising potential
eager investors of this emerging situation.
Get  A B S Y  first thing tomorrow, this is going to explode next 2-3 days!!!
They have cash and have made great strategic aquisitions.
This stock will explode!

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