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It was asmall room, this new cell of mine.
If they succeeded in boarding her, the doom ofDejah Thoris would be sealed. My prince, he cried, we have been betrayed.
Would they reachus before it was too late? It wasUlah, the slave of Ozara, the Jeddara of the Tarids.
I was not there, but the whole castle has beentalking about it ever since.
Make no sound,Ozara, I whispered; I have come to save you. I could hear them shuffling in thedistance; I could hear the clank of metal upon metal. Gar Nal has fled withDejah Thoris in his own ship. I could see the sill above me, because a faint light was coming fromthe room beyond it.
In his left hand he carried the torch, and in hisright he gripped a keen long sword.
In another moment they would be atthe door.
The ships drew closer, Gar Nals almost abreast of mine.
At least, Ul Vas thinks that only thosethree know of it; but I know. In another moment they would be atthe door. There was left tome then only the sense of touch. The voice was not that of the man who had brought my food on theprevious occasion.
Evidently I had congratulated myself too soon.
Could it be that DejahThoris had not told her who I was? She breathed the name in tones so low that they couldnot have been heard beyond the door. At one side, struggling in the grip of two warriors, wasOzara, the Jeddara of the Tarids. I was engaged constantly with two or threeswordsmen at a time. As I started toward the warriors holding Ozara, I saw Umka at my side.
Quick, Gar Nal, I cried, get the women aboard. Youthink I might hide here safely until tonight?
Even as I spoke, I heard the enemy just outside the door of thechamber. 
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