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Why didn’t the Other Man leave a note for the wife like a sane man? I’ve no notion why Henry came here that morning. You have no right to accuse him of anything beyond that.
Indeed, something that can only be called a military makeup pervaded his appearance. To tell the truth, I could hardly be civil to the fellow - to either of them, for that matter. A moment after he said: ‘There was a pin in this thing and I pricked myself. The spectacles of Father Brown were turned in mute inquiry to the eyeglasses of Mr Henry Sand.
I was always woken up every morning by hammering from this building.
Then he said rather hoarsely: ‘Whose blood?
It’s like separating threads of thought from each other; something like this.
It was at least a head in a coronet, that hid it from human sight like a cloud. It’s no good calling in doctors to examine the body; because the body has run away. Don’t you know about Bothwell and all the bloody legends of such lovers?
And I have a notion that this assassin is a very thoughtful person. Where were these men most of the time, apart from nosing in chapels or laboratories?
But he worried a good deal about whether it would happen.
That is what he really wanted; God knows why.
They seem to have used the trysting - tree for another purpose later on. I guess they used to meet here and write their vows upon the trysting - tree.
Being bad inside has very little to do with committing crimes outside. But it wasn’t less provocative after the murder story.
I want you to come up to my uncle’s place at once.
It seems almost a pity that houses are ever finished.
Why didn’t he leave a note for his wife like a sane man?
A moment after he said: ‘There was a pin in this thing and I pricked myself. But Baker was a friend of Wadham and it was easy for him to dip matches in the new material. The point of the pin was that it was pointless. It’s a rotten bad place to hide a real one. Hang it all, everybody draws the line somewhere! 
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