unhappiness then

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For some weeks now he was closely confined to a lodging-housesitting-room in Welbeck Street. He looked anxiously for signs of trunks andpacking.
Raising his head from the tiledfloor, he looked, he listened attentively. Lily Wilson fell passionately in love with Signor Righi, theguardsman.
Henosed his way from smell to smell; the rough, the smooth, the dark,the golden.
She couldscarcely tear herself from the window.
They were carrying banners and shouting and singing. She couldscarcely tear herself from the window.
Charles Kingsleywho called him sharply to heel? Flush had lain at theirmercy in their midst for five whole days.
Nowthat they were established in Casa Guidi again, all had theiravocations. A policeman swinging past withrhythmical stride, cast his bulls-eye from side to side. The greatest poets in theworld have smelt nothing but roses on the one hand, and dung on theother.
He had brought himself to face the factthat light topknots are not necessarily fatal. And yet there wassomething in the sight that gave Flush pause.
The delivery ofa parcel even made her jump. Miss Barrett lookedsmaller than ever sitting on a chair by a table in the midst.
OnSaturday afternoon she lay and waited for Taylor to come, as theimmensely fat woman had promised. In his jealous anxiety Flush scrutinised eachnew-comer.
Then atlast there were lights and houses and men and women passing thewindows. He had no need of a chain in this new world; hehad no need of protection.
Save for one phantom memory, he did not care. Whatever the risk might be they must give wayto her.
SoFlush scampered off clipped all over into the likeness of a lion,but free from fleas. Upon the infinitely sensitive pads of his feet he took theclear stamp of proud Latin inscriptions.
Flush had lain at theirmercy in their midst for five whole days. He confessed atlast that he thought they were rather long about it, Mrs. At last he came, but he had notbrought the dog.
Browning did not appear in thesitting-room at all. Flush quivered withapprehension at the thought. Behind those smiling, friendly faces were treachery andcruelty and deceit.
Houses spread to right and left in sharp avenues of regular brick. Anyhow,settle the matter as he might, there could be no doubt that he wasfree from fleas. 
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