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It struck the boy on the side of the head. Thatspacious interior depressed the Bishop as no other mission churchhad done. Some twenty feet or so above his head the open mouthlet in grey daylight like a high transom. Jacinto saidthe mules must take their chance. He took from his saddlebags his coffee-pot and a loaf ofbread and a goat cheese.
He stood straight and turned to theGovernor of Laguna, and his face underwent no change.
The streams were full of fish, the mountainwas full of game.
He watched with horror for that golden rim against the deep bluevelvet of the night. He was never done with havingearth carried up from the plain in baskets. With the dinner, Baltazar had taken extravagant pains. I think not to return topueblo, he admitted. Jacinto unrolled the blankets and threw the dryest one about theshivering priest. When he blessed them and sent them away, it waswith a sense of inadequacy and spiritual defeat. But the San Mateo mountains must be forty or fifty miles away.
There was nothing on the walls but a few fox pelts andstrings of gourds and red peppers. Amongthe Indians, measles, scarlatina and whooping-cough were as deadlyas typhus or cholera.
But he knew his Indians, and that when once they hadcollectively made up their pueblo mind . They were not crowdedtogether in disorder, but placed in wide spaces, long vistasbetween. Properlyentreated and honoured, the painting had never failed to producerain.
Jacinto was forstarting without breakfast, but Father Latour made him sit down andshare his loaf.
After he had laid aside his vestments, Father Latour went over thechurch with Jacinto.
Navajos on the north, Apaches on thesouth; the Ácoma run up a rock to be safe.
He never liked to drink spirits in the presence of an Indian.
The only human voice raised against it wasthe feeble wailing of the sick child in the cradle.
They looked likegreat artificial plants, made of shining silk.
TheFriar asked them gruffly what they wanted, but they made no reply.
These cloud formations seemed to be always there,however hot and blue the sky.
When the next priest came, years afterward, he found no ill willawaiting him. Inall the plain through which he had come he had seen no trees but afew stunted piñons.
The old peach stumps kept sending up palesprouts for many years. Hiserrands were seldom of an ecclesiastical nature.
Indeed, when he had moved thewood he sat down upon the floor and fell into reflection. 
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