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It wasnt any language that Id evah hoidbefore.
Good-bye, she said, Ill not forget you either. In a moment, she added, We shallmiss you.
The next day he went away, and never saw any of them again, but hecould not forget them.
Youwouldnt want to live outside of England? Im goin homewhere I can see someone that I know some time whos not too good totalk to me. Why dont you go off someweek-end for a little spree? Could have itdelivered to you when its ready.
Ive known it all my life, but Ill never get used to it. Oh, youll forget all about us, she saidquietly. Then, more directly, she added: That shouldntbe difficult at all.
But the hard brightlook was in her eye, the faint set smile around her mouth, and hedid nothing. WHAT twoEnglish-speaking nations do you mean?
Outside theycould hear the stormy wind in the trees along the road. But dont you get awfully fed up sitting in here all day long andwriting in these enormous books?
And he could see as well the rough gleamingbark of the tree against which she leaned. If youll just wait a moment Ill ask the tailor.
Yethe felt as familiar and friendly with them all as if he had knownthem all his life. Fried answered harshlywith a jeering laugh. Ive known it all my life, but Ill never get used to it. 
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