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To spare youtrouble, I have cut the anonymous letter short. In that case, what woman can havewritten it?
These poor children have done nothing tooffend thee; tis I, I, the guilt is mine alone! Can this be the woman who was being driven mad by remorse?
Fortunately, Julien locked himself into his room.
If I leaveyou, you tell your husband all; you ruin yourself, and him at the sametime. I am not to her a footmanemployed in the part of lover. Andin a young man still quite devoid of experience! I enjoy in Verrieres a general and I venture to saymerited respect. This humiliation, in the sight of all, isperhaps a public penance.
Fortunately, Julien locked himself into his room.
The disorder of his hair andclothes showed that he had not slept. For the first time she blamed herself forfalling in love in a coherent fashion.
Ihave not time to read my letter through.
If you do not find the words ready made,have the patience to compose them letter by letter.
Who would have said that with my rank, my fortune, myCrosses, I should one day regret it? Fresh insults to be looked into, and all owing to my wife! Do you wish to create a scandal that will dishonour me and yourselfas well? Heaven is punishingme; in the eyes of God, I am guilty of murder. Valenodsanodyne sentences, that were little used to being read with suchemotion. Before leaving the town, the King paid a visit toM. Valenod, nor crop his ears, as you oncethreatened; on the contrary, show him every politeness.
My cook, for before the revolution I kept servants, my cookobserves Friday. What I think is that you have neither respect nor affection for me,shouted M.
Their joy was thenceforward of a far higher nature, the flame thatdevoured them was more intense.
If you no longerlove me, as I fear, how long mine must seem to you! Immediately she thrust him from her with horror.
He went to seek a breath ofair in the garden.
Ihave not time to read my letter through. Then I tie my own hands, I cannot afterwards reproach herwith anything. They neverforgive us poor servants for certain revelations .
But, by this appalling scandal, you will be harming him as well! If things go amiss, she went on with the same coolness, I shall bestripped of everything.
She left him at a rapid pace and without looking athim again.
There are things going on in myhouse of which I know nothing .
Yes, let my heart seem black as night to you, butlet me not lie to the man whom I adore!
That is all that I ask, she cried, rising to her feet. They actually givehim the name of the man that has disgraced him. They neverforgive us poor servants for certain revelations . 
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