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Anyone who wanted to come up thefocsle ladder then, and die at the top, was at liberty to do so.
Then the boy opened his mouth as if to bleat.
He got up a shipschest and served out new clothes.
Consequently he walked the deckdoing some fast thinking.
He did not wantto have to meet a sudden rush from behind up the cabin stairs.
But to wait was not necessarily to be apathetic. Anthony nodded approval of these independent sentiments.
Leaving Juan in charge of the deck Anthony went below for hisglass.
Yet even in the mêlée while trying to clutch somebody he heard thevoice from the water. Polyphème produced a pistol from somewhere and fired back. But inthe mystery which was now afoot they stood aloof, he felt.
Anthony and AliBongo had also spent some time training the carronade on variousobjects.
Undoubtedly he owed much to Jaumees skill. AliBongo had peculiar eyes with golden pupils like those of an eagle. Whether fists or knives were being used Anthonycould not tell. Finally a similar fire answered them from land. Mais oui, you see I have just been elected. With severalpossibilities in view Anthony was particular about this distance.
He and his two boys there are now with us.
He picked up the knife and threw it into thesea. The boarding nets wererigged, cutlasses, and loaded pistols and muskets ready at hand. Berak-Jaumee, heassured Anthony, was one fine, fighting friend, honest man. He layabsolutely still for so long that it was evident he was afraid tomove.
Don Ramón threwhis hands up above his head. 
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