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They were my cattle, and that was all Iwanted to know.
Croak jest shot Carr, said Pecos, coolly and slowly; but there was aglint in his eyes.
I remember a big-eyed little girl back there in Missouri.
I predict the West will cure them in less than a year.
You could see Prentiss talkinturkey to him. Its the wildest an most beautiful place to liveI ever seen in Arizona. It hurt Glory with her crowd, which shewas pretty sick of, anyhow, I guess. Well, I am going tomarry her, and Ill think myself the luckiest fellow on earth. An he crackedBambridge square on his ugly mug.
If Gloriana would only give theWestern girl the smallest kind of a chance!
Curly had little to sayuntil they reached the station.
I daresay that will be extremely difficult. But for Molly you wouldnt have had any brother tocome to! Shes the proudest of the whole raftof Trafts.
But its a ranch, an two sections of land, twelve hundred acres,have been surveyed. Thet aint fair, objected Malloy, who was strict in regard to shares ofspoil.
Ring got wind of this head Bambridge shippin. Hes shore no friend of mine, an Id have liked to see you slughim.
And as Ive thrown in my fortunes here I consider myself lucky to winsuch a girl.
She got involved in anunfortunate affair back home.
An the damn gambler threw thet inmy face.
This is a beginning for you, Glory, he replied,warmly, and he kissed her. Soold Jim Traft spoke openly that way about him? Reallyits a great wide canyon, with yellow walls.
And that anyman who dealt with him would get the worst of it. An them Yellow Jacketsteers of yours overrun my range.
Ive come somewhere near that conclusion myself, rejoined Jim,thoughtfully. It had a dull, ominous sound that echoed from the walls.
Shes strong and true and big, and crude like this great raw West. 
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