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They don’t seem to understand that I’m a man of science.
David Pryce - Jones managed to drink whisky and milk together, without noticing it. I thought it possible you might think twice about opening it - after you’d heard the story. Perhaps you’d lunch with me or something; and I’d tell the results - in confidence. He certainly didn’t get it after we came. As a mere matter of human importance, I should say he hardly exists at all.
You needn’t interrupt your work; I rather want those notes finished tonight if possible.
But the point of Wales’s story is much simpler. What chance was there of making any sort of time - table of when anybody was anywhere?
It’s the disappearances I can’t explain, unless they’re psychic.
I fancy there are people in this place trying to keep secrets, who are not necessarily murderers.
The more I learn, the more I fancy they lose by merely looking for appearances. Oh, I know what you are smiling grimly about. On the whole he did incline to assume that it was a pack of lies.
I have never seen or heard of Captain Wales from that day.
Hardly anybody you ever read about in a newspaper matters at all. His own grandfather’s land was highly rural but not civilized . But the prejudices of great men generally have something to do with principles. But, for the first time in my life, I want to do it now.
He’s coming to see me at my office this morning. But we’ve got him, and he’s the man we want. But most of them are simple men; and, mark you, just the least tiny bit drunk.
It was not surprising that he had come to blows with a fighting fellow like Raggley.
Jukes saw his only chance was to pretend to be the barman and serve the customer.
Come round at once; bring him round if possible . You seem to have known he was a murderer before anybody else knew he was a man.
And nobody would have known it but for you.
But you’d better go and have it out with him, I suppose. Hardly anybody you ever read about in a newspaper matters at all. 
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