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Do you flatter yourself youre looking after them?
Take your starched pantswhere they belong. Heglanced round to make sure Geoffrey was not near, then grinned atJames. Mr Tomlinson said, as if Cabell had told him that he wascatarrhal.
You may think that there was something, some kindness youneglected. He could feel his hands getting verydirty.
Itwas as though he watched his vital essence melting away on thetable before him. Heheard Geoffrey go whistling down the slope. Of course it did not work out that way at all. I shall put this house in the agents hands to-morrow, Jamessaid, and he did.
Ive been looking for you the last six months, Cabell said. James regarded her with his usual cold surprise. Illlet her have her say and I wont answer. If he spoilt Harriet he hashad to suffer for it.
Larry answered nothing, twisting his beard again. I know my duty if thats what you mean, James said loftily.
Cabell sprang from his chair and tried to put his hand over Larrysmouth. Youve always let that old pig havehis own way. Its best not toencourage false hopes, Father.
James stopped in his striding and re-read Harriets letter.
His irritation passed and he spoke beseechinglyagain with his hand on Jamess arm.
Cabell drummed his fingers on the table and his eyes shiftedbetween Larry and the floor. Naturally my place is at my fathers side. James protested, his high, smooth voice slightlymincing after Cabells. He sat down again, breathingheavily, and there was a long pause. In London some verydistinguished gentlemen expressed their HIGHEST esteem for you. The sound of snoringcame from the open French lights.
Hes an old brute, Julia said, and Im not going to live underthe same roof with him.
Youknow you hate the Reach as much as I do.
When I die itll be yours, along withthe rest. It made a faint crepitation in themutually embarrassed silence. Cabell half fell and started to rise, andLarry kicked him on the temple and he fell again. His hands trembledon the letter and his upper lip shook like a leaf on the sharplyintaken breath. Shell stand there and confess what a mistake shemade. 
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