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Probably, he repeated to Markham with good-natured contempt. His nose was straight and slender, and his chin narrow butprominent, with an unusually deep cleft.
And I most certainly wont wait over fiveminutes for you to get dressed.
His collectionwas as varied as that of a museum.
Then, without waiting for a reply: Come along, Captain;Ill drive you downtown.
I found these under the gas logs, Sergeant, he explainedunenthusiastically.
His head was round andabnormally large, and his ears seemed sunken into his skull. He riffled the pages of the volume, pausing here and there at areproduction. Burke, you phone headquarters to call for thebody, and tell em to get a move on. You can bank on it if the captain says so. The chaps dead,dont y know; he cant possibly run away. But get the body tothe mortuary as soon as you can. In this chair reposed the body of Alvin Benson.
Doremus answered, snapping shut hismedical case and handing it to his assistant. Im here to work with you, andI want that relationship understood from the outset. But get the body tothe mortuary as soon as you can.
I guess Ill be getting along,too, he rumbled.
Probably, he repeated to Markham with good-natured contempt. He glanced at theclock on the mantel, it lacked a few minutes of nine. His snobbishness was intellectual as well as social.
As Vance was thanking Hagedorn for his information Inspector OBrienentered the hall.
The decoration has fallen into disrepute.
The room presented an appearance of garish opulence. The only remaining devotees of the practice are roués and saxophoneplayers.
Have you got room for Dinwiddie, too,Inspector?
Heath then addressed one of the two men who had been inspecting thegrilles of the front windows.
Now you two fellows chase along withBurke. And before the other could protest,he rose and pushed a bell-button. It was evident, however, that the district attorney was not in ajovial mood. In any event, thats noreason why you should repine.
The greatmajority of those with whom he came in contact regarded him as asnob. 
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