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Only by engendering at leastfour children can the continuance of thy people be assured.
What an amazing mixture of idealisms and propaganda! When hercase first came before the lower court, its verdict was: Wait and see.
He takes it for granted as self-evident and passes on to othermatters which he treats in detail.
They went to swell a collection of data which filled ahand-trunk by the time I left Germany. On the bench sat a regular judge in cap and gown.
Let me explain that,in journalistic parlance, the two terms have a widely differentmeaning.
Anyone spreadinginfection is punished by a sentence of at least six months in jail.
It must proclaim thetruth that the child is the most valuable possession a nation canhave.
Schramm took me to the hospitalof which he was chief surgeon. Germany can nourish only a certain amount of human life at agiven time.
Ordinary dressings are made of paper, and appearto serve quite well.
Others in this pictorial series cover matterslike Preparation for Motherhood, and Care of the Baby.
The taxation laws were likewise revised tolighten the burdens which large families tend to bear. As usual, I was given a liberal sampling, sent next dayto my hotel. Like all lines, they are in somewhat different stylesand in diverse colors. There is stillconsiderable gonorrhea, but much is hoped from the new treatment withsulfanilamide.
Thus theentire system is permeated with the eugenic point of view. Eckhards subordinatewith which this chapter began. Germany can nourish only a certain amount of human life at agiven time. Gifts of mind and spirit are just as much inherited as thecolor of hair and eyes. Our starting point was Alexanderplatz, formerly a verytough district and a Communist stronghold.
Case Three was an eighteen-year-old girl.
A deaf-mute, she talkedthrough an interpreter.
For instance, she barely knew therewas a war going on.
They realize that, for the fullattainment of their goal, ideology must be mobilized. True happiness springs only from harmonious blood. This is to avoid uniformity in appearance.
Another important field of service is the raising to normal status ofdistressed or depressed areas.
When the Nazis came to power, Germany was biologically in a bad way.
Another population stimulus was official grants-in-aid to largefamilies in poor circumstances. She was obviously not feeble-minded, but had apoor family record.
NSV does not manufacture its own supplies. The first of these concernsdifferences between human stocks. 
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