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Ravelston rubbed his nose and looked away uncomfortably. He wished that LondonPleasures had not been mentioned. Ravelston pretended not to notice that they were staring at him.
With guilt, and also withdesire, he thought of Hermiones body, naked like a ripe warmfruit. Three women, red-armed, squat as the beermugs in their hands, stood outside a pub door, talking.
Gordon put his hand against the swing door.
Only in the street or in a pub could he feel himselfapproximately Ravelstons equal.
Presently she mastered her yawns to greet him:Hullo, Philip!
A tribe ofcadgers ranging from poets to pavement-artists browsed upon himunceasingly. Never let other people buy your drinksfor you! Ones contacts withrich people, like ones visits to high altitudes, must always bebrief. Theres only one objection to Socialism, and that is that nobodywants it. Thats rather what you might call oneof my subjects. Mrs Wisbeach, as usual, had darted from her lair at the sound ofthe postmans knock. Youd better come up and havesome food, or something.
No rich man ever succeedsin disguising himself as a poor man; for money, like murder, willout.
But theaccursed subject drew him like a magnet. Weve got to die beforewe can be reborn, if you take my meaning. He had fourpencehalfpenny counting the Joey.
Thats rather what you might call oneof my subjects.
He was in the defeated mood when even the writing of a letter istoo great an effort.
He did notmind letting Ravelston pay for the drinks now.
After all,you do produce something, which is more than one can say for a lotof poets nowadays. 
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