ovarian gratitude

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And if it wasnt for my debts I should never letyou pay me that.
The younger you catch em the tenderer they are,you know. Have you sold everything ofmine I told you to?
They would as soon have thought of entering bythe chimney.
The latter was in miserablephysical condition, and his mental state was worse.
It doesnt do them any good, and most of us need whatspare patience weve got. Then came the news that the black sheep was to be led back to thehome fold. I must sayI should think George Judson would know better. Tobias Higgins is going to make it for me. ID have knocked the man thatcalled me that halfway acrost the beach.
Nellie is the Loveland daughter, Aunt Susie; maybeyou remember her.
I havent gotthe strength to make a clean job of it, anyway.
They were interesting tales, funny, some ofthem, and they made good reading. I am awfully sorry you feel this way, Cora, butIve got to do it.
What did youthink I was ever going to do with it? More so, for Uncle Gaiussaid a great deal, whereas Carey Judson said absolutely nothing. He did not resent the sneering criticism; he feltthat he deserved it all and more. Andyouve got as much money as her husband has, I HOPE. He needs me and I amgoing to stand by him. I would be a wonderful bookkeeper,wouldnt I?
You and hehavent seen each other for a long time.
Carey is the only brother Ive got, Cora, he told her. Thatwas as fine a piece as weve had come in at the wharf this year. Say, if he hadntbeen so everlastin good natured Id have had more patience withhim. Andyouve got as much money as her husband has, I HOPE.
If youhear of any one who raises chickens I might be of some use to him. The Lovelands keep two now, and EmelineHall told me she expected shed have to keep two pretty soon. 
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