Coral Software

John Shott shott at
Thu Nov 2 11:50:43 PST 2000


You are correct ... our Coral application software has been developed by us
(in Java) and uses a lot of the Sun Java infrastructure support including
CORBA for client/server and server/server communications, Swing for the GUI
stuff, JDBC for database connectivity, etc. We do run it on top of a SunRay
server and have something like 25-30 SunRay 1 Network appliances distributed
throughout our lab.  In a lab like ours (that is probably pretty similar to
the lab at PSU) the mobility offered by the smart cards and the SunRay hot
desk technology is a big win!!!! In a large lab with lots of pieces of
equipment, folks are at one machine for a while, move to another part of the
lab, etc. ...

More recently, we are on the verge of deploying our application clients
outside of the lab using the Beta Release of Java Web Start 1.0 ... another
Sun offering.

So, our application and environment is a bit of a showcase for Sun technology
... but Sun really hasn't been directly involved in any of our application

We are in the process of trying to identify a configuration of hardware and
software that might be suitable for deployment of our applications into other
university labs because we think that there are a number of similar labs that
could benefit from using this package.  Although people wouldn't have to
deploy Sunrays ... it seems to be a nice option.

I hope this helps,


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