dtlogin update ...

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Nov 2 23:01:47 PST 2000

Bill and Mike:

I did a check of sunsolve.sun.com and found that there is a brand new patch
for dtlogin (effective 10/31) that apparently fixed a problem of dtlogin
hanging under high loads.  So ... I figured that it couldn't hurt to install
it and then restarted dtlogin (/etc/init.d/dtlogin/stop
/etc/init.d/dtlogin/start) .... all of a sudden dtlogin drops from 162 MB to
about 5 MB ...

When I got up into the machine room, I found that there were a number of
messages that /tmp was full ... if you look in /tmp you will se a number (50
or so) things that look like dtdb files that I'll bet are symptoms of

However, there are also in /tmp/SUNWut/config several directories name idle,
tokens, etc .... I think that these are ones in the past that I had noticed
seemed to be growing with a large number of files.  Each one isn't so big, but
I'm suspicious that, for some reason, these things aren't getting cleaned up

So ... while I'm not sure that the new dtlogin patch has fixed anything, I do
believe that the symptoms will go away for atleast a few days.  However, I
think that it would be good to see if the files in /tmp/SUNWut/* begin to grow
in number.  At the moment (by doing a ls -l | wc in each directory) I find
that the number of files is something like 27 in display and itokens (which, I
suspect is the number of sunrays and may not grow.  However, idle has
something like 46 files (I think 2 per idle Sunray ... and there is virtually
no activity now).  I've got a hunch that some of the stuff in the tokens
and/or config directories may begin to grow over time ... but we'll see.

Well, back to NNUN data extraction ...


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