Informix options -

Mike Bell mbell at
Mon Nov 6 11:48:32 PST 2000

John and Bill,

I spoke with Informix and the cost is $0 if we qualify for the grant. 
We also get 2 free classes.  After the first year the cost is $1500 for
support and classes are 50% of list.  Classes tend to run about $2,100
each.  They have a lot of classes in Menlo Park, not that we really need
one to get started, but the grant requires it.  They are checking on the
cost of hardcopy documentation as well as the recommended backup

The only fly in the ointment is that after 5 years we might have to buy
the licenses and they didn't have the costs ready for me on that. 

Take a look at the website below and tell me what products we want.  I
downloaded the application and can get it ready (for John's review) if
we still want to go with them. 


Mike &

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