Restore of database test

Mike Bell mbell at
Wed Nov 15 12:02:36 PST 2000

One of the things on my list is to do a full restore of the database to
Bopeep.  This will give us fresh data in the test system and verify that
our backups are functional - important now that we have a bit more
exposure. The best candidate would be the 11/09/00 full backup with
Oracle down. We may also want to do a test  using a backup set with
Oracle up and see if it still restores and is functional.  I'd like to
do both of these AFTER Bill finishes any mods he is working on to get
CORAL Remote running.

Long term the Oracle Agent needs to be loaded on Rosen, of course.

I did get our license upgraded for that also, but I need to download all
the modules off Sun's website and install a new version on Viagra, and
Rosen.  The new version will get us the ability to backup the Linux
servers as well.

Misc other backup issues -

I need a test Mac to load the Veritas backup agent so I can get the Macs
off veritas.  Can I use the Mac backup machine?

I need a list of all the PCs and Macs that we want to back up.  Should I
do an email to staff asking who has a machine we need to backup?  What
list would be the best to use?  It will take sometime to get this setup
correctly since it may involve changing where applications store their
data and repartitioning there hard drives (I have Partition Magic to do
this. John, let me know when you want to do yours. I know you've been
busy.)  I will schedule one or more a day to knock this out.


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