idlj conversion update ...

John Shott shott at
Sat Nov 25 11:11:28 PST 2000

Bill and Mike:

I've done a bit more fiddling with my version of Bill's latest version ... my
stuff is in ~shott/labnet1.3/labnet ...

1. I found a number of cases where there was a call to authenticate(username,
password) ... If I am reading things correctly, this has been replaced
everywhere by authenticate(username) ... assuming that the user has already
authenticated themselves when they logged in to sunray if they are local
users. If they are remote, they call (I think) remoteAuth(username, password)
...  The files where I made changes are: (note, some of these may no longer be
used and may be vestiges of stuff that Troy did ...)


2. It appears that admin/server/ throws an
InvalidTicketSignal and an NotAuthroizedSignal for its "shutdown" method ...
but the idl appears to be a oneway with no excpetions.  As a result, I
commented out the "throws" part in the above file.

Now, I'm going to do a make distclean in ~shott/labnet1.3/labnet and then in
idl and see if I get a clean compile ...

Hooray ... I think that I'm getting a clean comile.  The only warning that I
get is a deprecation warning in util/ that complains
about the extract.Principal() method from org.omg.CORBA.Any.  My guess is that
we've gotten this warning for quite a while.  It appears to me, however, that
converting to ildj from idltojava has eliminated all of the deprecated methods
that used to be generated by idltojava.

So, where do we stand:

1. I've changed a lot of files ... but mostly in pretty trivial ways.  I think
that Bill's files (including all of his unchecked in stuff) and mine are
consistent except for the changes I've listed above.

2. I, of course, haven't yet tested whether this stuff actually runs ... I
suppose that I could do that and then switch back to the stuff in
/home/labnet/.prod-install (with, possibly, the need to make sure that I have
the appropriate old idl.jar file in /home/labnet/lib.

3. If it is a nuisance to incorporate this stuff now, I think that I can
convert the whole mess based on whatever your latest version looks like once
the remote stuff is done in a couple of hours.  In summary, the main things
that I have done are:

Modify etc/Makefile for idlj support

Add module labnet { module { idl ... to idl/*.idl files

Change instances of Factory (and getFactory) to Laboratory and getLaboratory
in idl.  Also a handful of changes in filenames or specific files that
currently include Factory

Change references to _InterfaceOperations to InterfaceOperations in ~15 files.

Change references to _InterfaceTie to Interface_Tie in ~15 files

Change authenticate(name, password) to authenticate(name) in ~10 files

I may have forgotten a couple of things ... but I think that this is it.

I've temporarily done a prod-install of the idlj version ... I think that it
is doing what I remember seeing with Bill's latest version:

In /var/log/labnet/athmgr.log it reports:
Unable to construct an encryption object. Exception: Wrong algorithm: DES required ...

Also, the "Remote Password" option in the client appears to do nothing and
reports an error:
java.lang.NullPointerException at: labnet.main.PasswordAction.actionPerformed

My guess is that these are the things that you were working on when you left,

So, there we are ... I've re-installed the version in
/home/labnet/.prod-install so that eveything should be running for normal

Talk to you later,


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