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John Shott shott at
Thu Oct 12 18:36:29 PDT 2000

Bill and Mike:

If you have a chance, you might want to check out a couple of links:
should take you to what exists of the labmembers mail archive ...
should take you to an archive of coral messages ...
takes you to the epi-pcs archive.

Note: clicking on the <- and -> arrows should move you back and forward a
month at a time.  Clicking on a message header brings up the fill text.
 "Messages by date" should give you the complete chronological list ...

No search yet ... but I think (until proven otherwise) that everythign is at
least getting archived and indexed.

Note: the funny numer at the end of the http://.../ezmlm-cgi/ is the "list
number" as defined in /etc/ezmlm/ezcgirc ... I just listed all of the lists
and numbered them 0, 10, 20, 30 ....

What I need to do to make this useful is to make a web page that lists a link
for each piece of equipment so that the one that says "Labmembers Mailing List
Archive" is a link to .../ezmlm-cgi/0, the one that says epi Problems,
comments and shutdowns ... links to /ezmlm-cgi/300 etc.

Oh well, enough play for now.  Time to get out of here,


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