unable to access remote coral .. (fwd)

Bill Murray bmurray at snf.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 1 22:45:55 PDT 2001

John and Mike,

Before I got too far down the path on the firewall solution, I wanted to
confirm that our assumptions regarding the nature of the problem were 
correct.  The following message from Sunil Kumar in March appears to
provide independent confirmation of the behavior that Athony Flannery
noticed.  So here goes ...


Sunil Kumar wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> Sorry, i haven't been able to convince my sys admins to setup a machine
> outside the firewall of my company and so the situation is same !!! unable
> to access remote coral, but i ran remote coral and saw the activities it
> does in console window, it goes all the way through getting all the
> information on me like project id etc., and then also gets info on
> equipments like "<eq is Operator="false" isUser="true" isEngineer="false"
> ..etc >drytek1 </eq> " for quite a lot of equipments in the console window
> then it gets stuck with "Registering for event 101" and finally after 10
> minutes gives "org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: minor code: 2 completed: No" with
> an Error window "cannot access euipment information" i logged the console
> window output which is attached as javaweb.dat file. I don't know if this
> will help or its the same thing as you told yesterday about the problem
> being with CORBA and IIOP, but it seems surprising to me that these
> protocols are supposed to be used extensively in industry and invariably
> most of the companies do have some kind of a firewall so its high time sun
> does something about web server :)
> Sunil.
> Jasmine Networks
> 408-895-5123

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