Updated makefiles ...

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Aug 6 18:06:37 PDT 2001

Bill and Mike:

I think that I've improved the Makefiles with respect to installation.

Specifically, you can now say:

make install		This installs both servers and the client (but not the 
			remote client

make server-install	Servers only

make client-install	Client only ...

Note: the target "prod-install" has been left in temporarily for those of use
who are used to typing that ... but it is identical to "make install".

I will try to do some more work on the remote stuff ...

I would propose that we use the targets "remote" and "remote-install" to make
the remote client and install it, respectively.



As a reminder: as we are now using /usr/local/coral as the installed directory
... and this is not cross-mounted in the way that /home/labnet is, we will
have to remember to do a "make install" on rosen and a "make client-install"
on sunray once we are in production.

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