John Shott shott at
Tue Aug 7 08:22:10 PDT 2001


One thing that I think we should double check ... Are the servers getting the
proper IOR?  The new IOR should be stored in
/usr/local/coral/IOR/AdminServerIOR ...

Then, I think a link to that should be in /home/httpd/html.

In other words, I think that /home/httpd/html/AdminServerIOR should point to
/usr/local/coral/IOR/AdminServerIOR ...

I've got a supsicion that we may not be pointing to the proper place ...
either on guilden or bopeep.  (Either the link itself may be incorrect ... or
possibly it is looking to the wrong "labadmin" machine ...).

Let me see if I can figure out what is going wrong ... but I suspect that my
attempting to convert us the use /usr/local/coral/share instead of
/home/labnet/share may be at the root of this problem.



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