Bill Murray bmurray at
Sun Aug 12 11:15:55 PDT 2001

John and Mike,

I have fixed my event service bug and installed the fix.  The servers have
been restarted.  Here's my plan.  I will continue to monitor the event
service log today and tomorrow to confirm that I have no other bugs. I
don't plan on leaving town for vacation until late Tuesday.  If you 
should find any problems with the event service after my departure, you
can "su - labnet" on rosen, in /home/labnet/.prod-install/labnet/event/server
move EventManagerImpl.saved to, do a make, then
do a prod-install as root to get back to the original code.  However, I
don't anticipate any problems.  We may still need to do some fine tuning
of the code to get optimal performance under heavy loads.  We'll just
have to watch the logs and see.

I also plan on working today and Monday here at home to finish my firewall
changes.  I would like to get them checked in before I leave so that you
can test them if you get time.

At the moment, I believe that the repository has all my recent work except
the firewall solution.  I know of no problems with my checked-in code.
(Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't any.)  I will check-in my
firewall changes before leaving.

We still have one problem of which I am aware and haven't resolved.  Mike
is getting unusual Corba exceptions when he attempts to display project
information for a member (works_on relationship information for a member).
This error has arisen in the past when client and server code don't match
(compiled under different sets of idl?).  I did a cvs update in Mike's
labnet directory, a dist clean, and a build from scratch.  Same error.
I'm not sure what's going on.  I thought it was related to bopeep.  So I
ran the clients on guilden from Mike's directory.  We can only test this
as Mike because he's the only one with the new client.  Since all three
of us are in the middle of changes, I don't think Mike should check any
of his changes in until they are complete and tested.  John, I will forward
you an email of the error I'm getting.  Perhaps, you can take a look and
give him a hand.  I will continue with the firewall stuff while it's fresh
in my mind.  (Don't want to let it get stale over vacation.)  If you guys
can't find and fix the Corba problem (it could be in my code?), then
call me on Monday while I still have time to help run it down.  I don't want
Mike held up next week.


PS  Probably won't report Monday as a vacation day since I'm working
    this weekend.  Hope that's ok.

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