Bill Murray bmurray at
Mon Aug 13 17:30:10 PDT 2001

John and Mike,

Well I've run out of time and energy so I better stop before I do more harm
than good.  Here's the status of all my work.  (I had hoped to finish all
these items and am quite close.  However, I believe that I'm far enough
that everyone can continue in my absence.)

1) Event service:  Although I haven't compared the new logs to the old,
   I hope things are running better.  The last week has been the heaviest
   load I've ever seen (number of events posted per minute).  I still 
   believe we have a problem when a large number of clients start at once.

2) Resource manager:  I have a bug in a utility method used by all
   the "Show active/all xxx" menu items.  I will fix this when I return.
   Mike should be able to test all these by avoiding certain members
   like John and me who have both active and inactive relationships. 

3) Firewall solution: I'm really close on this and will finish quickly
   upon my return.  We can still test our hypothesis by running the current
   development version behind a firewall.  If all is working as I hope,
   the log should indicate that the client is behind a firewall and not
   subscribe to any events.  Of course, the polling is not finished or
   checked-in yet.

Keep an eye on the event server.  It may have to be restarted.  
Kristen returns tomorrow morning so I must get my household chores completed
and be ready to vacation.  If you have any questions, please call me at
home tonight.

Thanks for your patience,


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