All Ready to Test!

Bill Murray bmurray at
Fri Aug 31 03:09:14 PDT 2001

John and Mike,

As usual, the last pieces of the event polling were more complicated than 
I anticipated.  However, I have finished.  Everything compiles, the servers 
all start properly, and everything is checked-in.  We should be ready to 
begin testing right away.  

The remaining issues follow.  Mike's code is not checked-in yet so
I should sit with Mike tomorrow and get this done.  I did run across some
files that both of us have changed.  This is my problem and not Mike's.
I needed to do this to get everything to compile.  I *believe* that in
most cases we can just clobber my stuff, but I would like to be there
when we check in.  I have a minor bug in the event polling related to
clock synchronization between the event server and remote clients.  This
will not interfere with testing since our machines' clocks are all close
enough.  I'm also working on the event service bug, but this will not
be a problem because it only shows up under heavy loads.  Until we find
the others, I'm only a couple of bugs away from finishing everything.

I'm tired and need to get some sleep.  I will try to get to work as early
as possible.

Good night,

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