Wish list ...

John Shott shott at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Dec 3 14:42:06 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

Here is my very preliminary list of new and improved things for Coral.  At
this point, it is mostly "stream of consciousness" rather than a well thought
out list ...

Big Projects:

Inventory server and client

More configuration stuff in the database instead of in the code or Makefiles.
(This probably includes a configuration client (the equivalent of
"preferences") ...

Process server and client (even a barebones system is a big project) ...

New maintenance client

Medium Projects:

Autoconf or some other means of more automatically configuring and installing
Coral software.

Support for Postgres database

Set up Admin group stuff so that only members of the admin group can edit
other people's info .... also, make sure that non-admin folks can't even pull
up the edit window for anyone but themselves.

Data validation for resource client ... (including, I hope, storing those
rules in the database).

Small Projects:

Modify accounting script to account for labtime.

Menu items for charging lab time to "non-default" projects (probably 2 menu
items ... one for changing the project effective the start of this login and
one for changing it "now").

Call "newuser", "mailforward", and "setpasswd" from resource client.

I'm sure that I'm forgetting some things, but, hopefully, this is a start ....



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