Resource client bug and possible questionable behavior?

John Shott shott at
Wed Dec 5 23:21:08 PST 2001

Bill and Mike:

I did a bit of work with the resource client and noticed a couple of things:

1. The window that is used for the "Replace Project", "Replace Account", and
"Replace All Accounts" menu items comes up (for me at least) with zero width
boxes for the fields member/project/account (whichever is needed), old ?, new
?, and effective date.  It's barely wide enough to click and not wide enought
to see any typing.  Also, the label on the effective date should read
something like:
"Effective date (mm/dd/yy)" because, I think that may be about the only format
that it accepts.  I had originally thought that it was only my NT remote
client that was displaying this zero width behavior ... but this was running
on a Sunray.

2. If I process a "Replace Project" with an effective date of 11/01/01 and
then inspect the "works_on entries for the old project, they show an edate (as
they should) of 11/01/01.  However when I check the bdate of the new project
int he works_on entries, it seems to show up as "Now" ... since this was a
project that I did just create "now" in the "New Projects window", it
certainly seems that the new project shoudl have now as its bdate (I think),
but I'm wondering whether it should have "now" or "11/01/01" at the point at
which it becomed effective.  I can sort of make arguments each way ... and
maybe this is the planned behavior ... but, to be honest, it wasn't what I was
thinking would happen:  My guess would have been that the project entry itself
would have a bdate of when it was actually created ... which I think is most
reasonable.  But the bdate in the works_on table, I would think, represnets
the time when taht works_on entry became effective (which was effectively
"back dated to 11/01/01") even though the project didn't technically exist
until a few moments before "now".

In any event, I  think that this change should have resulted in a few entries
in the adjustments table for this month.
Member florando should have some adjustments of type eq_activity that change
charges from 2DHZ443 to 2DHZ444.
Member maxy should have some adjustment of type training that change from the
same two numbers for some training that occurred during november (actually, it
looks like there was only one such event during november ... although there
may be some december events that also got adjusted, I  suppose.  

I haven't actually checked the ajustment table to doulbe chekc these things
... I'll try to do that in the morning.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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