Resource client bug and possible questionable behavior?

John Shott shott at
Mon Dec 10 09:29:14 PST 2001


It is interesting to me that you do set a "preferred size" of 15 characters
for all of these text fields.  This, however, gets overridden by the overall
constraint of a "setPreferredSize(new Dimension(650, 370))" applied to each of
the replace boxes.  On the surface, it appears that this overall
setPreferredSize "wins" relative to the preferred size of the fillin boxes
because there is nothing to tell it that it can't be 650 by 370.  I tried an
experiment on a local version of and eliminated that line
... while the overall window is somewhat smaller, the fillin boxes show up as
their preferred width.  While it is true that shrinking this window causes the
input fields to collapse, I'm inclined to think that this may be better in the
short-term ...

It seems reasonable to me to specify the size of the main applications ... but
it sort of seems that setting the 650, 370 size on the Replace* windows
overspecifys them.

At leaast that's my $.02.



> John,
> I did notice that swing takes the liberty of resizing the window and thus
> shrinking the input text boxes to an unreasonable size.  It's about right for a
> "complaints box" but I think we want it larger for anything else. If you grab the
> corner of the widow and increase the size a little then the boxes increase to a
> normal size. It looks like it all depends on the screen settings of the machine
> you display it on.  I can change any of the labels, screen sizes, position,
> modality, font or darn near anything else. Just let me know what works best for
> you. Also I think the help button taks about date format as well so you may want
> changes to that as well.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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