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Bill Murray bmurray at
Mon Dec 10 23:00:21 PST 2001


She had about 20 processes running on the sunray.  (None of which were
java or coral.)  A number appeared to be related to netscape including
dns helper.  I killed all her jobs.  I imagine she'll be ok now.  I'm not
sure what to tell her.  (Don't touch anything?)


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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 21:34:07 -0800
From: Claudia Richter <cm_richter at>
To: coral at
Subject: account!


I logged in the Coral account this evening and did a word search in and the browser froze. I tried closing the browser, but had no
luck. I tried to log out of Coral, but could not log-out. The log-out window
never appeared. I tried inserting my smart card in other computers and found
that the login screen (with my coral name) also froze. I tried entering my
password and had no luck. I took the smart card and placed it inside the bin
where the 'bad cards' go (by the gowning room).

Claudia Richter
Coral name: crichter
Los Gatos Research

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